Our vision of change in SDR is to promote safe societies where persons and communities are empowered to reduce crime, offending behavior and torture. Our work will seek to raise and demonstrate opportunities for social progress that reduces crime and deviant behavior and make re-entry without a high incidence of recidivism possible. Three core initiative areas define our work in this program area

  • Social and Economic Justice Initiatives will work with government and private institutions to promote and protect the rights of prison inmates, torture victims, youth-at-risks and their families in keeping with international bill of human rights.
  • Psychological and Medical Rehabilitation seek to advocate for the provision of psychological rehabilitation and referral for medical rehabilitation.
  • Community Justice raise societal awareness to the ills of prisons and discourage inflow of cases to the formal system/prison, and promote the use of victim-offender mediation, and family / community reconciliation and other alternative to prison sentencing approach to correct crime and deviant behaviours.