Our focus is to identify and document and raise awareness about the gaps in upholding rights and the effect of practice and policy implementation in the justice and security sector with a view to influence reforms in policy and practice intervention in security, justice and social development.

R&D will regularly undertake the following activities:

  • Standard setting and indicators development – which will aim at equipping government and the society with tools for monitoring the fulfillment or violation of rights and their impact on the effectiveness of security and justice system.
  • Survey and exploratory studies – will involve generating perceptions and insights of users and beneficiaries of the security and justice system to offer better understanding of prevailing issues and problems facing the sector.
  • Public policy analysis – this involves comprehensive review of policy, gaps in implementation and their impact on the justice system and societal capacity to effectively prevent and correct crime while upholding rights of victims and perpetrators.
  • M & E – will undertake commissioned assessment and impact research on key issues, projects and programs undertaken by both government and non-profit intervention in the justice and security sector.