Basic Approach
Our basic approach to pursuing reform interventions and serve the interest of our constituents is through empirical research, capacity/ institutional building and demonstration through the implement change models in pilot schemes. In addition we will undertake advocacy initiatives that draw from our wealth of field experiences.

Program Focus
To fulfil our mission we have delineated our program activities into three sub -thematic areas namely:

  • Research and Development program
  • Social Development and Rehabilitation program
  • Security and Justice program

Research and Development Program [R&D]

Our focus is to identify and document and raise awareness about the gaps in upholding rights and the effect of practice and policy implementation in the justice and security sector with a view to influence reforms in policy and practice intervention in security, justice […]


Social Development & Rehabilitation Program [SDR]

Our vision of change in SDR is to promote safe societies where persons and communities are empowered to reduce crime, offending behavior and torture. Our work will seek to raise and demonstrate opportunities for social progress that reduces crime and deviant behavior and make re-entry without a high incidence of recidivism possible. Three core initiative areas define our work in this program area […]


Security & Justice Program [SJP]

Our quest in this area is to promote reforms in practices and policies in the justice sector that fosters humane and safe societies. In doing so we will partner with formal and informal institutions in instituting […]