Prison Laws

Prison laws are set of acts, articles and declarations that regulate the services regimes, administrations and operations of prisons. They also regulate the execution of sentences of imprisonment in penal institutions across the globe and measures of rehabilitation and prevention involving individuals under custody or whose liberty are deprived.

Prison Best practices

Prison best practices refer to methods or techniques of executing prison laws, regulations and administration and operations that have shown consistent results superior to those achieved with other means. Prison best practices are used as benchmark to guide practices in the penal institutions in several parts of the world. It is fluid and evolving.

These practices are appraised from one country to another and their innovations are celebrated. The showcasing of these practices here is not guided by the will to standardize or establish a hierarchy but rather, to systematize and disseminate practices that are effective in achieving their aims, as identified by practitioners themselves and considered against existing International Standard Minimum rules for the treatment of Prisoners.

Best Practices must include brief background information on the practice, its significance, effectiveness or efficiency, potential for replication or sustainability, social relevance and existing partners and their impact on the practice.

PRAWA focuses on Best Prison Practices from countries around the world under the following categories: Staff Issues, Offender Management, Special Needs Inmates, Architecture, Planning and Design, Partnership Working.

Budget/Cost Analysis

Prison Service globally like every practice in the world has its own cost management sides. Therefore, budget and cost analysis as it concerns prison establishment involves all activities devoted to estimating, cost control, cost forecasting, investment appraisal and risk analysis in prison management and operations.

Prison staff involved in budget and cost analysis plan, execute and monitor all costs involved in administering prisons. They seek the optimum balance between cost, quality and time requirements by approximating total cost of operation.

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