Our Vision:
We desire the emergence of a humane and secure society that corrects and empowers to prevent crime, violence and torture.

Mission Statement:
Promote institutional reforms in formal and informal sector for Access to justice, rehabilitation, and social development of prisoners, ex-prisoners, torture victim and youth at risk.

Our Values:
The values that will define us as a people and influence our work are:

For us, our word and commitment will be unquestionable and without qualification at all times. In demonstration our leadership, we strive to live by example and live no room for excuses.

We are constantly reminded by the need to develop a reputation for outstanding consistent performance that exceeds the expectations set for us and those we set for ourselves.

Thinking beyond the conventional is a practice that influences the basic approach to issues we address in the society. The point of departure for every task is to constantly ask ourselves, ‘ how can things be done differently?’ ‘Is there a better way?’

Every employee is motivated by the desire to seek improvements to their work that can facilitate greater learning and impact on the results we collectively seek.

Result Orientated
The vision of change we hope to create in every little task and resource deployment puts a greater meaning and commitment to staff. Every employee is not in doubt that work is rewarded by the measure of result attained and not efforts deployed.

We extol a high sense of responsibility and stewardship to maintain accurate records and be willing to explain our actions in an accurate, prompt and succinct manner at all times.