Under its second priority list which is geared towards increasing exports and investment, opening markets, ensuring access to resources, and promoting sustainable global growth, the British Government under the auspices of British High Commission in Nigeria is supporting PRAWA to execute a project called: ILLEGAL MIGRATION PROJECT I-MAP in Nigeria. The purpose of the project is to increase the awareness of Nigeria youths on the effects of illegal migration and positive life planning skills.

Project Objectives

  • The objectives of this project is to enlighten and reorientates all Nigerians in the following aspects:
  • Correct the misconception that life is all milk and honey in the foreign lands.
  • Secondly, that the so-called opportunities abroad do not justify the risks taken as illegal migrant.

Project Outputs

  • The success of the project will be measured by the the increased number of Nigerian youths that has good knowledge and perception of the effects of illegal migration out Nigeria to either Europe or America and increased number of Nigeria youths who are trained on the positive life planning skills including career guidance and alternative to violence skills.
  • Some of the expected outputs on the project include the training of over 100 youths as peer educators and youth trainers on the; Effects of Illegal Migration and Life Planning Skills including career guidance and alternatives to violence and crime, reaching out to minimum of 3000 Nigerian youths with awareness of effects of illegal migration and with messages to enhance their positive life planning skills through community outreaches and youth support group activities. Also additional 500 youths are to be closely followed and mentored.
  • In- school and community based youth platforms such as clubs and networks for implementing the follow up phase of youths will be created in Lagos, FCT and Enugu. The project will also support follow up activities and engagement of the trained youths. The target of this to reach at least 500 youths and follow up on them during the first year of the project.. It is also established that the pilot school-based youth clubs and initiatives in the three locations will focus on creating awareness on effects of illegal migration, discouraging other youths against illegal migration and training them on life planning skills, alternatives to violence and entrepreneurship and Job creativity skills.